TANDEM SKYDIVING FROM 15.000 ft – enjoy the freedom of absolutely safe freefalling with us!!!


About us

We are young, excited and highly experienced team of tandem instructors, videomen, packers and ground staff looking after our tandem clients with special care. We love what we are doing and we love to make our clients happy!
With us you jump from altitude of 15.000 ft above ground and enjoy almost 60 seconds of freefall before opening the parachute!
Skydiving with us is perfectly safe – we use the most modern Sigma parachute systems equipped with efficient AAD (automatic activation device) Cypres
Attention! Skydiving with us is highly addictive!

Certificate of insurance for skydiving season 2018 HERE

What is the tandem skydive

Tandem skydiving is perfectly safe and wonderful way how to enjoy skydiving and especially freefall. You jump with experienced instructor with tandem license who tightens you to his body with special harness. With us you jump from altitude of 15.000 ft above ground and enjoy almost 60 seconds of freefall before opening the parachute! Afterwards you fly under the open parachute approximately 5 – 7 minutes before landing safely back on the ground. Now it is time to recieve and enjoy congrats from your tandem instructor, cameraman and your friends.
For movie recordings we never use hand cameras but we always provide special person – experienced videoman – who records and shots all your feelings (how you go to plane, all the time of climbing, exit, freefalling, landing). In 20 minutes after your jump you get your HD movie and photos from us – we provide USB otg flash drive 4 GB.

Where to find us

We have our seat in airport Pribram – Dlouha Lhota located only 40 km south from Prague and easily accessible on highway D4. Our airport is the closest one to Prague. 
Our coordinates are 49.7159206N, 14.0945714E
Our minivan takes you from Prague city centre in easily 40 minutes to our place for your skydive!
The departure place in Prague is Vodičkova street 15 at McDonald.
Pls check how to get to us HERE

Our team

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Price list

tandem skydive 4.200 CZK / approximately 168 EUR
tandem skydive + HD movie + photos on USB otg flash drive 4GB 6.400 CZK / approximately 256 EUR
tandem skydive + HD movie + photos + selfie video on USB otg flash drive 4 GB 6.900 CZK / approximately 276 EUR

The prices also include transfers from Prague city centre Vodičkova street 15 at McDonald to our place and back, special tandem T-shirt and certificate.

10 + 1 reasons why to jump with Sky Centrum Pribram

1. We have the best prices in Prague.
2. We are the only company which offers tandem skydives from altitude of 15.000 ft above ground and almost 60 seconds of freefall!

3. We use the most modern parachute systems with efficient AAD (automatic activation device) Cypres
4. Our airport is the closest one to Prague and very comfortably and easily accessible on highway
5. We never ask for any deposits. With us you always pay after your jump.
6. We use very comfortable plane Turbolet L-410 for 18 passengers + 2 crew.
7. We provide transfers with airconditioned minivan from Prague city centre and back for free.
8. To make your movie and photos from your skydive, we never use hand cameras but we always provide a special person – experienced cameraman – who is accompanying you and recording all your feelings (how you go to the plane, climbing, exit, freefall, landing). These guys also make you comfortable on the plane during the climbing with their neverending jokes. 
9. After the jump you get certificate and special tandem T-shirt from us free of charge.
10. We are completely wi-fi free area.
11. We love our job and we love to make our clients happy.

When we jump

We start our skydiving season in March and skydive daily until end of October / mid of November (depending on the weather conditions).

How is the whole procedure of your tandem skydive / what to expect

1. Book your tandem skydive with us by e-mail To complete your booking, we need to know followings:
– your name for reference
– contact phone number or email (just for the case we need to contact you urgently in case of bad weather)
– required service (if tandem only, if tandem with movie on DVD and photos on CD or if tandem with HD movie and photos USB otg flash drive 8GB)
– required date and time of departure
2. Our minivan will come to the departure place Vodičkova street 15 at McDonald. at the agreed time to take you to our airport, the drive takes approximately 40 – 45 minutes.
In the car the driver gives you application form for tandem skydive which you fill in.
3. After arriving to the airport, in the main office (called manifest), we collect your registration forms and give you all instructions – which group you are, when and where to come for the briefing before the jump, where you can find toilettes, restaurant etc. The most important information is number of your group – it is good to remember this number and afterwards follow instructions given for your group.
4. You come for your briefing and short training before the jump at agreed time. The briefing takes approximately 15 minutes and our instructors will explain you all you need for your tandem skydive with the help of a short video movie. Instructors will also practise the exit position with you.
Now you also change your clothes and we give you the jump suit. Your belongings you can put to the safety lockers placed in this room.
6. Now it is time to go to the plane. Your tandem instructor accompany you. Seat yourself comfortably next to your tandem instructor and enjoy 15 minutes climbing on board of our comfortable aircraft to 15.000 ft.
7. In altitude of 15.000 ft its time to exit the plane. 🙂 Your instructor starts a while ago with preparing you to jump – tightens your harness, makes all check procedures.
8. After jumping out of the plane 🙂 enjoy almost 60 seconds freedom of freefalling before your instructor opens the parachute.
9. Enjoy 5 -7 minutes flying under the open parachute and afterwards safe landing. Just enjoy all, your instructor will take care of all himself. 
10. After the jump we help you to take out the jump suit, you get your special tandem T-shirt and certificate in manifest. Now it is also time to pay for your jump.  We accept cash (CZK, EUR) and all kind of credit cards.
11. In approximately 20 – 30 minutes after the jump you recieve your video and photos in case you booked it. In the meantime you can enjoy food in our restaurant – you recieve 10% discount on it.
12. Now you can go back to Prague city centre with our minivan. All the trip including transfers takes approximately 4 hrs.


How long does the whole procedure take?
The whole trip including transfers takes max. 4 hrs.
I wear glasses, can I jump?
Yes, you can jump with your glasses. We provide you special skydiving glasses which you put over your glasses.
I am handicapped, can I jump?
Please, contact us on We have big experiences with skydiving with handicapped clients but we always need to speak to you before and decide if you can jump or not.
How long takes the car drive from Prague city centre?
The transfer from Vodičkova street in the city centre of Prague takes approximately 40 minutes.
Is there any restaurant at your place?
Yes, there is a nice restaurant a tour place with a nice view to runway and landings of skydivers.
Is there any locker where to put my belongings?
Yes, in order to keep your personal belongings safe during your jump, you can use safety locker free of charge.
Are you insured?
Yes, every parachute, every tandem instructor, every seat on the plane is insured.
Is it safe?
Yes, skydiving with us is perfectly safe. We have experienced instructors, safe parachutes, modern AAD (automatic activation device) computers in each parachute.
Is there any wight limit?
We accept clients until 130 kg and we do not ask any supplement for this.
What should I wear?
You do not need anything special. Bring your usual clothes and all you need for the tandem skydive you get from us (jump suit, special skydiving glasses)
Can I wear my own camera or how can I make my jump recorded?
No, it is not possible to have your own camera (even GoPro) due to safety reasons. If you like to have your jump recorded, we will be happy to provide our experienced cameraman to do so.
What does it mean “handy cam movie”
In case you choose option tandem skydive + HD movie + photos + handy cam movie on USB otg flash drive 4 GB, you get from us movie and photos from your jump recorded by or videoman and also you get movie recorded from the handy cam or your tandem instructor. (camera on the left hand of your tandem instructor)
How old do I have to be?
You have to be at least 18 years. In case you are younger than that, the application for tandem skydive has to be signed by your parent.
Do I need any medical check before?
No, no medical check before tandem skydive is needed.
Where do I find the departure place from Prague?
We depart with our minivan from Vodičkova street 15 at McDonald. /
What are the departure times available?
We usually depart every hour from Vodičkova street 15 at McDonald. Pls send us request and we confirm certain time of departure available.
What data / info you need from me to complete my booking?
We need to know your name for reference, required date and time, required service (if with movie and photos or without), your phone number or e-mail in case we need to contact you urgently in case of bad weather.



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